What Are the HOA Board Responsibilities in Houston, TX?

What Are the HOA Board Responsibilities in Houston, TX?

Managing an HOA is more than hosting events and bringing the community together. Certain responsibilities are necessary to stay productive and functioning.

Without a focus on these tasks, your community won't have the right organization to keep itself running.

We've put together a simple guide to help you learn more about the key responsibilities that an HOA board needs to accomplish. Keep reading to begin helping your local Houston HOA flourish!

Common Area Upkeep

Every HOA needs common areas to feel more like a close-knit community. It's difficult to feel like a community if you never have the opportunity to meet other residents.

These common areas need regular maintenance and cleaning to continue being a pride of your HOA. Slacking on upkeep leads to unsightly build-up of litter, debris, and broken items that turn new residents away.

Make sure your board of directors knows that the common area is their responsibility. While residents should aid in keeping things as tidy as possible, it's not up to them to implement repairs or deep cleaning.

If your HOA struggles to keep up with these common areas, don't hesitate to reach out to an association management company for help.

HOA Finances

Do you know your HOA budget inside and out? Do you know what the HOA plans to do with those funds?

Board members always need to know the answers to these questions. Without organized financial records and budgeting, you'll never find the money to tackle projects or maintenance for the community. It's difficult to run a successful HOA without finances.

This is why HOA finances are such an important part of the board's responsibilities.

Transparency with the budget is a way many HOAs build trust with their members. Even with constant updates on the budget, you can't expect regular members to keep those finances organized.

The board needs to keep track of every penny the HOA handles. It's the only way to ensure that the HOA can do what it wants without going under.

Enforce HOA Rules

During board meetings, there's bound to come a time when you'll need to address infractions against the rules. It's not an easy part of the job, but without strictness, your HOA will start to crumble.

A good leader should reach out with aid to the person struggling to stay up to code. Offer the resident suggestions on how to achieve the rule's standards, and do it in private. This gives them a helping hand and it will never feel like a pointed and embarrassing attack on their home.

Improve Your HOA Board

No matter the size of your local HOA, these are the responsibilities that need to be at the top of your HOA board list. They're the foundation of a productive HOA and a strong community.

Need help implementing these responsibilities?

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